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Schwarzwald atop the dormant Megadeus



A journalist named Michael Seebach has gone missing for 3 months, and has taken his latest manuscript with him. Angel, now working as a secretary at Paradigm Corporation under the alias Patricia Lovejoy, hires Roger to retrieve the manuscript and give Seebach his severance pay. Roger is unsure of Angel's motives and questions whether or not he wants to take a job that will put him in close proximity to the ubiquitous Paradigm HQ. Owned and operated by Alex Rosewater, Paradigm Corporation has a monopoly over all facets of business and life in Paradigm City.

In his search for Seebach, Roger discovers that this reporter was driven to madness from being unable to unearth the truth about Paradigm City's history and has been leading a double life in the city as Schwarzwald. As Roger investigates his abandoned hideout, Schwarzwald appears and sets it ablaze, destroying all of his manuscripts and nearly killing Roger in the process. Back home, a nonchalant interaction with Dorothy causes Roger to ruminate on his belief that androids and Megadeuses have long-since inhabited the city.

Roger explores the deep underground past of the abandoned subway that he currently uses to transport Big O around Paradigm City. Although the current populace fears the mysterious underground ruins, Roger learns from his contact that historically it was once inhabited by some city-dwellers. Delving deeper into the ruins, Roger notices that the lower levels seem to be recently constructed. Faced with light emanating from the deepest reaches of the tunnels, Roger is inexplicably paralyzed by fear and hallucinates. Dorothy, reviving Roger, brings him to where an old Megadeus, known as the Archetype, has been stored amongst a scale model of Paradigm City. Schwarzwald appears and prepares to burn the area. Dorothy somehow communicates with and activates the Archetype, seemingly killing Schwarzwald in the process. Dorothy, instilled with fear for the first time and expressing disbelief that she activated it, is chased by the Archetype until Roger calls forth Big O to destroy it.


  • Megadeus: Big O, Archetype
  • An archetype translates to an "original pattern from which copies are made". The Megadeus seen resembles basic structure of the other megadeus's seen.
  • Dastun and Roger state that those who live in the domes would never abandon such luxury.
  • Roger shows his reluctance to deal directly with the Paradigm Corporation and Alex Rosewater.
  • Paradigm Corporation's control of Paradigm City is revealed.
  • Roger states that the subway system and the underground of Paradigm City is feared by all citizens.

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