Archetype Megadeus



A journalist named Michael Seebach has gone missing for 3 months, and has taken his latest manuscript with him. Angel, now working as a secretary at Paradigm Press as Patricia Lovejoy, hires Roger to retrieve the manuscript and give Seebach his severance pay. In his search for Seebach, Roger discovers that this reporter has been leading a double life as Schwarzwald. Roger explores the deep underground past of the abandoned subway, he undergoes the feeling of fear. Dorothy, reviving Roger, brings him to where a old megadeus, known as the Archetype, has been stored. When Schwarzwald prepares to burn up the area, Dorothy somehow activates the Archetype, throwing Schwarzwald off guard. Dorothy, having been instilled with fear for the first time, is chased by the Archetype, until Roger calls forth Big O to destroy it.


  • Megadeus: Big O, Archetype
  • An archetype translates to an "original pattern from which copies are made". The megadeus seen resembles basic structure of the other megadeus's seen.
  • Dastun and Roger state that those who live in the domes would never abandon such luxury.
  • Roger shows his reluctance to deal directly with the Paradigm Corporation and Alex Rosewater.
  • We learn of the Paradigm Corporation's control of Paradigm City.
  • Roger states that the subway system and the underground of Paradigm City is feared by all citizens.

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