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The Union's air force in the skies above Paradigm City

The Union is a shadowy group of outsiders who have infiltrated Paradigm City with destructive intent. They are believed to be foreign survivors of the events of 40 years ago.


Though the exact origins of the Union's members are unknown, many appear to be of European culture; some appear familiar with the French language, which is a dead language to the residents of Paradigm City. Like the residents of the city itself, the members of the Union also apparently lost their memories after the Event, suggesting that the mass amnesia may have been a worldwide phenomenon. Members of the Union often infiltrate Paradigm City posing as regular citizens, in almost all social classes and careers. In some cases, they become so integrated that they have friends and even form families, all of whom are unaware of their true identities or goals. In this way, the Union has created a number of covert sleeper cells. Angel is in fact a member of the Union, though Roger is able to discern fairly early on that she is not really a native of Paradigm City.

The Union's mission is to seek out lost memories which they believe may reside in Paradigm City. They also wish revenge on the Paradigm Corporation and the city itself because of their belief that they were responsible for the Event 40 years prior that destroyed the world. They accomplish their goals primarily through subterfuge and sabotage. Later, they resort to terrorist bombings after Alex Rosewater orders their arrest.

Although they apparently have control of a contingent of Megadei that they found in the wastelands, as well as an air force, they are numerically and materially at a great disadvantage compared to the city.

Towards the end of the series, the true nature of the Union and of their status as foreigners is brought into question. Indications are given that the group may have been created and manipulated by the Paradigm Corporation all along. Although Union members themselves believe they are really from outside of Paradigm City, it is suggested but not substantiated that they are really clones produced as a failed experiment within the city, and then cast out, and whoever they think they are working for does not exist. There are also indications the Union agents' memories of having grown up in a foreign land may be fabrications, and that their entire childhoods may have been falsified. It is further suggested, though not substantiated, that they are really clones created to retrieve the lost memories. When the experiment failed they were exiled. Angel is told by her “mother”, high-ranking Union member Vera Ronstadt, that they are all “tomatoes”, Gordon's clones of the city's founding senators, who supposedly possess their memories. Gordon later tells Roger and Angel that they are not among his tomatoes, although it seems that his “son”, Alex Rosewater, is. If this interpretation is true, it suggests that there is literally nothing beyond the wastelands that surround Paradigm City.


The Union agents in Paradigm City use red balloons as signals to each other and as a signature for their activities.

The Union also has an anthem (named “Flag” in the official soundtrack) with English lyrics, which its agents sing in “Stripes” and “The Third Big”. The lyrics are as follows:

  • Take up the throne with all the root
  • March on their impure blood and stand to our feet
  • Sacred love for the Fatherland
  • Lead and support our avenging hands
  • Liberty cherished liberty
  • Come, our queen, to defend us
  • Under our flags
  • Let victory
  • Hurry to humanity


During the events of “Hydra”, the Military Police captured 15 Union agents, located another 17, and were aware of 24 others hiding in Paradigm City. Dossiers on Union agents are also seen in “Twisted Memories”.

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