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She is the leader of the Union. She arrived in Paradigm City to take over the espionage operation after Angel failed to locate the memories.

She had a hatred for Alex Rosewater and the people of Paradigm City. After Bonaparte was destroyed she attempted to take revenge. One of her attempts involved freeing the Hydra Eel.

She later claimed to be Angel's mother.

After Alex burns down Gordon Rosewater's farm, she rescues him and takes him to the underground studio that resembles Angel's childhood home. After Angel arrives, she reveals that she had rescued him in hopes that he might have some vital memories, but was unable to discover anything. After Roger arrives to save Angel, Gordon reveals that the Union is simply a small group of people from the wastes beyond Paradigm City. Shortly after this revelation, a red bar code can be seen briefly in her right eye, confirm that she is one of Gordon's "tomatoes".

After realizing that she cannot obtain the memories she seeks, she activates the Behemoth. However, the Megadeus is swiftly incapacitated by Roger and Big O, and subsequently destroyed by the falling debris from the metal frames high above Paradigm City.

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