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Dastun lives out the scene from his visions



An unknown bomber sends a toy robot to detonate in a church. It turns out the bombing is the latest in a series of terrorist attacks targeting elderly retired government employees. Dan Dastun has been dreaming of a foreign woman being shot by her lover on a pier, unsure if it's a memory fragment. He is summoned to an inquest regarding the bombings in which the committee immediately rules out the idea that the bomber is a foreigner despite mounting evidence, maintaining that the world outside Paradigm has been wiped out. Alex Rosewater privately tells Angel, who is still working as his secretary, that foreigners exist without Paradigm's populace knowing. The woman from Dastun's dreams seems to appear in the city streets frequently after more bombings, each time being accompanied by a red balloon.

Dastun tells Roger that he dreamed that the woman was shot at a pier on a snowy night, whispering the words "vous êtes si gentil". After doing some research, Roger informs him that the woman in his dreams is an actress named Sybil Rowan, who starred in only 1 movie titled Winter Night Phantom and became a symbol for anti-government activist groups. The city government arrested Sybil for opposing the Paradigm City reconstruction plans. It was believed she perished in prison. A scheduled speech by a former Paradigm counselor at an amusement park is interrupted when a giant toy Megadeus known as Eumenides is sent by the bomber, confirmed now by Rosewater to be a foreigner.

Dastun finds the woman at the pier and she confirms that she was the person behind all the bombings. Roger is busy stopping Eumenides using Big O, but detects it is a walking bomb and is rendered unable to destroy it. When Dastun shoots the woman she drops its trigger, deactivating the explosives. Roger then destroys Eumenides. Dastun and the woman embrace, suddenly expressing familiarity. Dastun weeps when experiencing the nostalgic scene of the woman comforting him as she dies in his arms. The episode ends with a young Dastun watching Winter Night Phantom with a young girl holding a red balloon. It is revealed that "vous êtes si gentil" translates to "you're so sweet".


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